Holidays Happiness

Or lack thereof…

I was listening to a Blink 182 song this morning about the lack of holiday joy.  For some reason I’m lacking in holiday joy this year…  I’ve been feeling a little down for the last few days and I really do want to be excited about this time of year, but it’s just not happening. 

Part of me misses the folks I had Christmas with last year, although not the food poisoning I got, but definitely the people.  It was a once in a lifetime experience to be in the Persian Gulf eating BBQ lamb and lounging on the beach.  I would love for it to happen again someday, and I look forward to the possibility.  Maybe not in the middle East again but definitely the lounging on the beach and celebrating Christmas.

The other part of me was happy until XL made an appearance, it was uncomfortable as noted earlier, and it kind of put me into a funk that I’ve not been able to get out of since. 

I was out last night at my local and unfortunately I know lots of people there now and it was hard for me to just sit quietly and have a drink.  That and there was some sort of NFL game on, so a quiet night was not in the cards it seemed.

This is such a rambling post I think I’ll end it here and just call it done for now…







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