My goal for the evening

I decided that on the way home I would stop off at the store and buy a bottle of wine, my goal for the evening to get drunk.  It’s not like I deserve this or I feel some depression, I just decided to drink myself to sleep this evening.  I guess it’s better then what I was originally planning on doing, so if that makes it better, fine.

So of all the five or six people who get their J updates from my blog, I’m sorry that I feel the distinct need to drink.  Actually I’m not sorry at all, I just said that because it looked good on the screen.

I think it’s just me feeling sorry for myself, I can only think of one reason for that and frankly I’m not surprised, after all it’s my SOP when it comes to people I like.  I think a lot of it spawns from my not having a normal college experience, what I mean by that is most people have that dating thing in college and they figure out what they like and such.  Since I got into a serious relationship, well I thought it was serious, almost as soon as I left high school, I missed what normal people go through, the dating ups and downs available to them in college.

Right then enough moping around, there’s drinking to be done!




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