last night…

I was driving to practice last night in South Seattle and as I was going along the viaduct I was suddenly struck with the urge to drive my car over the edge into the water / onto the street below.  The urge even had me doing all the calculations in my head to figure speed, distance, etc. to make this happen.  It’s not the first time this has occurred to me, to drive myself off of or into something.  I think last night was just a little overwhelming and I was ready for an end to something…






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  1. Jess Avatar

    Alright. Enough of that.
    No driving off cliffs.Was it not enough when mom drove off the “embankment”? Did that not fulfill the need for ridiculous car moves? Have you ever considered public transportation?
    I miss you. Be good. Remember, no permanent damage. Please. I prefer to have you alive and breathing so I can harass you all the time. You are one of my favorite humans. So stop with the self-destruction, please.

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