So I’ve been watching movies for a long while, well lets just say I pay attention to cinema and what it has to offer.  I just recently watch Jack Black not playing Jack Black and I wasn’t disappointed.  I also saw a preview of a movie that includes Kevin Smith playing someone other then Silent Bob, again something I’m glad to see.  For far to long I’ve watched these actors play themselves and nothing else and I’m glad to see they can branch out and play something else.  Well done and I hope it’s not the last time.

Taxes and Hawaii…

I get a refund this year, which is a good thing all things considered.  I’m currently in the process of closing out all my 401k and IRA crap to try and get myself out of the debt I’m in.  My thought process is simple if not misguided, I’m going to simply pay off all the crap I need to pay off and then go to Hawaii.

Can’t wait to get into the tropics!


Adventure time!

I decided I wanted to see snow earlier in the week…  Well there’s plenty of it in the mountains at the moment.  The decision to head for the pass was a good one I think, but how it was executed this afternoon, not so much…

First the pass is still closed, or was at 3:00 PM and 5:30 PM, which means to see snow we would have to go to alternate one for some of the white stuff.  So we head for alternate one, which is a nice trail head that I’ve been to a couple of times at various times of the year, never winter, but I remember it being a nice area so off we went.  Only one really big problem with this scenario is my car, a 2005 Subaru Impreza.  Not something that’s really made for handling a couple feet of snow and ice.  It was an adventure just to get a few miles in, close to the trail head but not near close enough.  So we ended up stopping about halfway there to turn around and snap some photos. _MG_8097

What made it even more entertaining was the drive back to I-90.  Once we made it to normal road, we noticed a ticking sound from from the middle of the car, something that was not there when we started the afternoon.  It got even worse once we hit the freeway and started doing 70 MPH, the whole car started shaking pretty bad, not a nice thing to have happen, but what can you do?  So off to the dealership to get it checked out…  So as we’re heading down the road at top speed to make it to the dealer before they close I call ahead to give them fair warning, turns out we missed the service department closing by a few minutes and I had to pull the "I’ve bought three cars from you guys, you need to fix this now!" card.  I’m not particularly happy about having to play it, but it worked.  Turns out I managed to drive a small branch in the middle of the engine area and it was wedged against the drive shaft and the engine.  The service tech saw it and said, "looks like someone was doing some stump jumping"… Well long story short, he pulls the branch out of the car and no more noise and no more shakes!  I’m going to call his manager tomorrow to tell him to give him my thanks and praise for being around and in good humor!

The randomness of my life

Right then, I’m here in Seattle for a job right?  A job that I’m into and like, the people I work with are weird in their own rights and for the most part I like them both.  But the randomness of my life may need to stop sometime soon. 

One of the more influential people in my life has resurfaced as of tonight.  Keep in mind, I’ve not seen this person since 1993 and the fact she has resurfaced tonight is interesting to me.  This is someone who could be part of the reason I am who I am today.  She was there for me at a critical point in my life and has been with me in the back of my mind for many years.  So as fate would have it I ran into my theatre teacher from my first year in high school tonight.  As it turns out she is part of the association that I’m now a part of, I have to stress now how influential this person was for me and how random meeting her tonight was.  I’m astounded by the fates and how they seem to be working together to bring people who’ve made me who I am today back into my life, both for good and bad.  Tonight was a good, and I’m glad to have reconnected with this person.  She made me want to exceed her expectations and I will always remember her attention to detail and how she made me want to perform above and beyond what I thought I was capable of.

How much more random can my life become?  Who knows, and if you do know then please give me fair warning.


I watched the Princess Bride for the first time in ten years tonight. I forgot how funny and all around enjoyable the movie is. Lines like “bye bye boys, have fun storming the castle. Think it will work? It’ll take a miracle, bye bye.” Have been with me for years and I’d forgotten the joy they bring to me. I’m happier tonight watching that movie then I’ve been in weeks. I’m glad I brought out that oldie but a goodie, it lifted my spirits! Of course I’m going to credit my dinner at Blue C and drinks afterwards at the dock with S as a potential addition to my uplifted mood, so maybe it’s just a combination of good feelings from this evening that’s put me in a better place… If so, thanks S for listening, talking, eating and drinking with me tonight!