Bicyclists take note

You’re either a car or a pedestrian, figure your shit out and pick a place to ride.  That goes for all of you out there who ride a bike.  I know there are some of you who follow the rules and ride where you’re supposed to, but unfortunately there is a minority of cyclists out there who are ruining it for the rest, the few bad apples so to speak. 

What brings this on?  I almost hit a cyclist today because he was trying to sneak around traffic by jumping the curb as I had already started to turn left.  On top of almost hitting him he started yelling at me for almost hitting him.  I’m sorry but if I follow the rules of the road in my car then you sure as hell should follow the rules on your fucking bike and if you don’t then you should expect to get hit, seems pretty simple doesn’t it?  What a great way to start the week, but you know what, I’m going to finish the week in Hawaii drinking on a beach!




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