I’ve been trying to be better about posting something at least once every couple of days just to get in the habit of writing again.  Something in my mind is telling me I need to dust off these skills and get ready to use them again.

My mind has wandered back to the single idea of getting some sort of degree, I’m close enough to an Associates of some sort that I feel like I should just get it over with.  Another part of me thinks an Associates isn’t good enough and should go for the whole degree.  I’m conflicted, one part wants the paper while the other just mocks myself and says “why do you need the paper you know there isn’t a class you can take that will make you better at your chosen career path.”  I’ll admit the second voice is a little louder right now so it’s hard for me to think about dedicating any time to what would be considered a second job.  On top of that summer is coming and frankly summer in Seattle is one of my favorite things.






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