Hairless Ape

PA311926I decided to shave on Tuesday night, one I’ve had the same facial hair for the last couple of years and I think I just got tired of hearing everyone ask what I would look like without it.  So off it came!  I kept the patch, but the mo went for the first time since 2006, before that I had some sort of facial hair for as long as I’ve been able to grow facial hair.  For your consideration here is the three stages of facial hair…

Stage one, me with the safety vest and the goatee, easy to manage as scruffy as can be.  I had that ever since XL said I should grow out the goat, needless to say when I was reminded about that I was happy to make the change to stage two.

P1102142Stage two, picture of a friend and I in Doha at Garvies the last week I was in Qatar before heading to Thailand and Australia.  I actually liked this version, it was different for me and it wasn’t that hard to maintain.  Granted there were times when the two little tufts turned different colors for some reason.  The tufts only lasted until I got back to Seattle, since I was looking for work I decided it would be good form to loose the scruff and go with just the mo.

Hairless Monkey (1 of 3)Stage three, happened on Tuesday of this week, it was a combination  of polling friends and just plain tiredness of the same and hearing about it from others that I could just shave it off and if I didn’t like it I could just grow it back.

In an effort to be a democracy rather then a dictatorship when it comes to my facial hair I’ve decided to ask for help and opinions from a larger group then the locals.  So if you have an opinion as to which version of facial hair I should have then please stand up and be heard.  I’ll keep voting open for the foreseeable future and will also take suggestions on changes to the above stages.



3 responses to “Hairless Ape”

  1. Melkir Avatar

    The Mo must remain

  2. Jess Avatar

    Awwww. How cute you are.
    Yeah… I liked the mo, too. But I must say the little patch does have the cuteness factor in spades.

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