Sometimes I wish I could just fly away…

I don’t really know what to say.  I had a “talk” with my boss today about how I was standoffish when she first met me, and how some of the people and vendors we have to work with don’t appreciate it.  Something about how I seemed to look down on how they do things and how others do things I think is wrong.  Well I’m the first to admit when I don’t know something about the work I do, it’s just not very often.  There is no ego in that statement, it’s just the truth.  I’ve done it so many different ways and seen it done poorly and done right that you can begin to get a feel for how things should be done.  I’m not say they’ve doing it wrong and as soon as I step in they need to do it my way, I’m just saying I see where we can improve our systems and make it run smoother and Graffiti Play-1better in the long run for everyone.  I get a little tired of hearing someone say “we’ve always done it this way” when I see something that could and should be improved and hasn’t ever been looked at as something to improve.

It always amazes me when a fresh set of eyes sees something I’ve been staring at for years and goes, did you know you can do it this way and suddenly the problem I was always complaining about suddenly goes away?  It’s a humbling experience to have someone, doesn’t matter what there age, say “you can do it this way and your life will be easier.”  and when it is, well sometimes the word fuck comes out of my mouth, but I go ahead and add it to my toolkit for next time and I make sure to thank the fresh set of eyes for helping me out.

So why can’t some people accept that?  I don’t know.  It took me a long time to get to the point where I could accept criticism without going apeshit.  I guess I’m growing up, or I’ve just stopped caring so much what other people think.  I know I’m good at what I do and if others are unable or don’t see that then it’s there problem not mine.




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