Chicago (10 of 31)I just got back from Chicago, we had to attend a conference for people who are in our industry.  It was surprising the kinds of things we discussed and how open we all were in sharing information.  It’s not like we directly compete with each other, in fact we are all working towards keeping the industry alive and well so anything we can share that might work for others is good…  Right?

The time was spent between conference and fun, we had a drinks and dinner reception on Monday night.  Ended up having a fantastic dinner Chicago (17 of 31)and drinks at a little restaurant near the Richard J. Daley center (where the final chase scene of the Blues Brothers happens).  The food was fantastic, the wine was great and even the company was pretty good.

Tuesday we had more conference and then dinner at the Millennium Park Grill, the food was a little too rich for my blood, but good nonetheless.  We got to wander the park a bit before dinner and there are some pretty cool sculpture installations there.  Drinks afterwards found us at three different bars and my getting the phone numbers from a bartender whose thinking of moving to Seattle and another girl I was apparently chatting up for a good hour.  The last one I don’t remember all that well, but I do remember the girl who might move to Seattle, she was pretty in a punk kind of way…

Oh yeah and if I travel with B again I will insist she take some sort of valium or other type chill pill and I mean that in the nicest possible way…



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    I suggest margins on your photos..

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