An open letter to the state…

I hate the state department of unemployment. 

We pay into the “system” so we might have something to fall back on when we no longer have a job.  Of course I would now rather gouge my own eyes out rather then take money from the state system that we all pay into.  Why?  Because I’ve been notified that the state is going to be garnishing my wages to the sum of $350 a paycheck for the next three months.  They are under the impression that I defrauded them out of $1900 while I was unemployed and barley scraping by.  So I guess I’m back to barley scraping by for the next three months, good thing it’s summer and I can ride my fucking bike to work so I don’t have to waste money on gas.

Fuck you state, how dare you and I hope you burn for this.






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