Mushy in the middle

routeIn an effort to get in better shape and to combat the high gas prices I’ve recently decided to start riding to work.  It’s good exercise and it’s actually a nice ride. 

The route takes me past some nice little sights, the Fremont bridge, some nice marinas (something I’ve taken a more active interest in since I’ve started working for the boat show) and the new south lake union park.  

I sat at the bridge yesterday watching some boats float through.  It was peaceful even though I had a terrible day, read yesterday’s post for information on that, and it was nice to be able to disconnect from everything.  Something driving doesn’t really give me the opportunity to do, but I’m glad for on the bike. 

I can hear myself breath, can smell more clearly the flowers on the way to work (some of which are my favorite kinds of roses) and just feel better at the end of the day.






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