No more epic plays for me…

I was playing softball yesterday, of course I was playing softball yesterday and of course I managed to hurt myself.  I was hitting, catching and throwing pretty well yesterday and in the bottom of the 8th I managed to stop a hot grounder up the left field side and in my stupidity I rolled onto my right shoulder as part of the stopping of the ball.  Well something popped and I still managed to get the ball thrown into third, but I was done.  It still hurts a whole lot and after finally taking a look at it in the mirror this morning I think I might actually need to go to the hospital later to find out what’s really wrong with it.  I have a very limited range of motion and it pretty much aches and hurts no matter what I do, so my guess is something’s wrong.

But I did manage to get stop the ball and make the epic play…  But given the track record of my hurting myself when I make the epic plays I think I need to stop doing them, or put on full body armor.






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