The regular season ended last night with a double header and a double win!  I was a little nervous this year based on our record last year, which was not what you would call good.  After some early season practices I was thinking it would be a good year, and then just before the season started I mucked up my shoulder.  So as of now I’ve not been playing my usual position, but as of a few weeks ago I’ve been able to swing the bat, which makes me feel better.  By winning our last three games we have secured a spot in the playoffs that start tomorrow night.

2007 Honkbal Club of Seattle – 1 Win, 11 Losses, win was by forfeit of the other team

2008 Honkbal Club of Seattle – 4 wins, 7 loses, no forfeits

So as you can see we had a good improvement over last year.  Lets just hope we can make something happen tomorrow night!


New look

I updated the ol’ blog last night.  Not sure I like the layout, but I do like it better then the last design.  I’m still tweaking the header so don’t complain until I figure something better out.

The Dark Knight

imageHoly shit… My review is plain and simple for a reason.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but the ones who have will understand.

I saw something I’ve never seen before when it comes to cinema, well being the film geek that I am that says something, the performances given by the lead and supporting actors were so above and beyond anything I could have imagined and or foreseen I was speechless for a good two hours after the credits had finished rolling. image

Christopher Nolan, you are a genius and I’m sorry that you only got this one chance to direct Heath Ledger in one of his final roles.  Don’t think that I’m slighting Christian Bale or Aaron Eckhart roles, but I found heath Ledgers Joker to be so disturbing and fantastic that I found a level of satisfaction with the comic book hero genre of films that I had never found.  My hat is off to you Mr. Nolan.

On a side note, this is the best movie I’ve seen in a very long time.  So good that I have to go watch it again this weekend, only this time in IMAX!

Loss for words

I’ve had some pretty screwed up visions / dreams the last few nights.  I have no explanation for them, they just happen.  I’m confused and hurt some of the times and others I’m elated, so it’s a little confusing for me at the moment.

Trying to talk out the ideas / dreams that have come up haven’t helped, no offense SD, but for whatever reason my mind seems to be back in the mode of punishment.  Well screw you mind, this is what I want and you can just go to the corner and sulk.

Pixar is made up of cool

imageWent to see Wall-E last night at the Majestic with S and I have to go see it again.  It’s not that I missed parts or was distracted, it’s just that good of a movie that I have a deep seeded need to see it again.

Pixar revolutionized animation and they keep setting the bar higher and higher.  Wall-E is a prime example as to why Pixar is in charge of animation and everyone else is scrambling to keep up.  Don’t get e wrong, it’s not just about the animation either, the script was fantastic.  Not that there was a lot said in the movie, but there didn’t need to be.  The humans are lazy and the robots do everything for them.  Hard not to side with the robots in this case.

Congratulations Pixar on another fine social commentary about consumerism / global warming / pollution, if the population out there can’t see what it really is then they really need to open their eyes.