Month: July 2008

  • Honkbal

    The regular season ended last night with a double header and a double win!  I was a little nervous this year based on our record last year, which was not what you would call good.  After some early season practices I was thinking it would be a good year, and then just before the season…

  • New look

    I updated the ol’ blog last night.  Not sure I like the layout, but I do like it better then the last design.  I’m still tweaking the header so don’t complain until I figure something better out.

  • The Dark Knight

    Holy shit… My review is plain and simple for a reason.  I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen it yet, but the ones who have will understand. I saw something I’ve never seen before when it comes to cinema, well being the film geek that I am that says something, the performances given…

  • Loss for words

    I’ve had some pretty screwed up visions / dreams the last few nights.  I have no explanation for them, they just happen.  I’m confused and hurt some of the times and others I’m elated, so it’s a little confusing for me at the moment. Trying to talk out the ideas / dreams that have come…

  • Why would you even try to blend Chuck Norris

  • State v. JDF

    My appeal has been shot down by the judge.  Oh well.

  • Pixar is made up of cool

    Went to see Wall-E last night at the Majestic with S and I have to go see it again.  It’s not that I missed parts or was distracted, it’s just that good of a movie that I have a deep seeded need to see it again. Pixar revolutionized animation and they keep setting the bar…

  • Happy Fourth of July