Pixar is made up of cool

imageWent to see Wall-E last night at the Majestic with S and I have to go see it again.  It’s not that I missed parts or was distracted, it’s just that good of a movie that I have a deep seeded need to see it again.

Pixar revolutionized animation and they keep setting the bar higher and higher.  Wall-E is a prime example as to why Pixar is in charge of animation and everyone else is scrambling to keep up.  Don’t get e wrong, it’s not just about the animation either, the script was fantastic.  Not that there was a lot said in the movie, but there didn’t need to be.  The humans are lazy and the robots do everything for them.  Hard not to side with the robots in this case.

Congratulations Pixar on another fine social commentary about consumerism / global warming / pollution, if the population out there can’t see what it really is then they really need to open their eyes. 






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