The regular season ended last night with a double header and a double win!  I was a little nervous this year based on our record last year, which was not what you would call good.  After some early season practices I was thinking it would be a good year, and then just before the season started I mucked up my shoulder.  So as of now I’ve not been playing my usual position, but as of a few weeks ago I’ve been able to swing the bat, which makes me feel better.  By winning our last three games we have secured a spot in the playoffs that start tomorrow night.

2007 Honkbal Club of Seattle – 1 Win, 11 Losses, win was by forfeit of the other team

2008 Honkbal Club of Seattle – 4 wins, 7 loses, no forfeits

So as you can see we had a good improvement over last year.  Lets just hope we can make something happen tomorrow night!








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