The boat show…

_MG_0482The last day of the show and I can finally do a wrap up…

The numbers:

271 total vessels
225 – Power Boats
46 – Sail Boats
181,480 sq ft of vessels
$129,769,694 total reported value (some exhibitors don’t report the value of their vessels)
69 Shore side exhibitors
32 – East Dock
11 – Entrance
12 – West Dock
14 – Tenders
17 Complaints on the starting time
25 Compliments on the starting time
1 Crazy shouting person
1 Drunken crazy quiet person
1 Pissed off exhibitor
37 cups of coffee
8 donuts
3 bagels
9 beers
9 whaler rides to and from and exhibitors office

Hopefully I’ll have some more stats after today, after all there is one more day of the show to go, who knows I might be able to add to the crazy person total!




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