Politics – Why?

So I’m normally a person who votes their mind not a party. This year I was looking over my ballot and I discovered I was voting along a specific party line and not necessarily my mind. I had to take a step back and do some research on why I was voting along a specific party line. After taking the time to do some more reading on the issues I got my head back into the game. I voted the remaining ballot based on my conscience.

I’ve grown up in a very liberal house, one could call it extreme left wing, but I think it was not that bad.  As I got older and was able to start thinking critically about the issues myself I was finding myself a moderate compared to my parents.  Now as I’m a voting adult I’ve discovered neither of the popular parties really reflect my values and I seem to not be the only person.  I’ve been an independent, not picking sides.  I’m the voting equivalent of Switzerland.  Of course that targets me as one of the candidates most valuable votes, I’m the guy they have to work to convince and I’m not easy.

I sit here in Canada, staring at the news trying to get a pulse on what’s happening back home and the direction the country is going to go.  Will we be forced to hang our heads as ex-patriots or do I get to be proud to be an American?  It’s funny to say something like that given my track record of not really lying but not telling people where I’m from when asked.  Proud to be a citizen of my birth country, what an odd concept.  I don’t really think I’m going to hinge that pride on who is elected, more like on how we show the world we can actually have a fair election that isn’t swayed by the top 1%.  How each and every citizens voice can and will be heard and we will all make a difference today, and no matter how you vote you have a duty as a citizen to make your voice heard.



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