Work + Alcohol + Brain = Bad Dreams

I’m surprised I woke up as early as I did this morning…  I was up and ready to go by 5:00 AM?  What the hell, 5:00 AM is not a time I need to worry about for at least another year.  Something must be wrong with me, besides the obvious things, here I am up at the crack of doom.  Not only that but I had really crazy dreams last night as well.  They included people from my past, present and I can only assume my future, moving furniture and cake.  Throw all that together in one alcohol soaked brain and what you get is some seriously messed up dreams.

The sad part is I don’t really have anyone here that I could talk to about the dreams.  Or to be more specific I don’t have anyone here who has the history to understand the comments about the people from my past which was the weirdest part of the dream. 

Oh yeah on a really great note I have to buy new tires today, which is an expense I was not looking forward to having at this time of year.  At least most of my shopping is done…  Doesn’t make it any better that I have to buy tires, but at least I knew it was coming.  I just hoped I could have done it in the new year rather than now.






2 responses to “Work + Alcohol + Brain = Bad Dreams”

  1. Melkir Avatar

    so -drinking

  2. jude Avatar

    Funny thing is when I don’t the dreams are worse…

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