Month: January 2009

  • Things and stuff

    To quote a fantastic movie, “strange things are afoot at the circle K”. It’s been that kind of week I suppose, odd things happening, late nights staying out playing and doing generally crazy things around my new city. 

  • The plank of wood

    After doing a bit of snowboarding on Sunday I made the decision to buy my own gear.  I was tired of the smell of rental gear and the quality while good, is not all that great.  I think the best way to describe the rental board (now that I have my own) is like racing […]

  • Top 10 reasons beer is better than religion

    10. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer. 9. Beer doesn’t tell you how to have sex. 8. Beer has never caused a major war. 7. They don’t force Beer on minors who can’t think for themselves. 6. When you have Beer, you don’t knock on people’s doors trying to make them drink […]

  • Angry Jude

    I’ve not gotten that angry at someone in a long while. I think I might need to take a few steps back and reassess some things. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of clear communication with this certain individual, but I have a deep down feeling that this person and I won’t ever be […]

  • Holidays 2008 – post production report

    The 2008 holidays started with my having to purchase new tires for my car…  It was needed but at the same time I was hoping to avoid doing it until after the first of the year, but as the quote goes, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans".”  So I accept the fact […]