Things and stuff

To quote a fantastic movie, “strange things are afoot at the circle K”.

It’s been that kind of week I suppose, odd things happening, late nights staying out playing and doing generally crazy things around my new city. 

The plank of wood

After doing a bit of snowboarding on Sunday I made the decision to buy my own gear.  I was tired of the smell of rental gear and the quality while good, is not all that great.  I think the best way to describe the rental board (now that I have my own) is like racing around a track in a semi-truck while the new board is like racing up a mountain in a Subaru wrx sti.  I know I have no other experience to draw on and I’m sure someone is going to ask how I can possibly know.  Well after purchasing my own gear and riding it last night I can tell you I’m never going to hire again.

The decision to purchase the kit was one thing, the actual finding the kit was something else entirely.  I did a bit of research and then asked around the office to the other sports minded folks I know, which considering where I work is most of them, and went to a local discount sports shop which was on the way home.  I managed to find someone to help me after a few minutes of just hanging around and went forth and purchased a snowboard, boots, bindings and a helmet (I have to protect my precious good looks) and $500 Canadian later I was ready to go!

The snow wasn’t great, but the experience was fantastic!  I will keep hitting the slopes in an attempt to just get better and try new things.  After all I’m living here for another year and the games are winter in nature I feel like I should do my best to try a few of them while I’m here!

Top 10 reasons beer is better than religion

10. No one will kill you for not drinking Beer.
9. Beer doesn’t tell you how to have sex.
8. Beer has never caused a major war.
7. They don’t force Beer on minors who can’t think for themselves.
6. When you have Beer, you don’t knock on people’s doors trying to make them drink it.
5. Nobody’s ever been burned at the stake, hanged, or tortured over their brand of Beer.
4. You don’t have to wait more than 2,000 years for a second Beer.
3. There are laws saying that Beer labels can’t lie to you.
2. If you’ve devoted your life to Beer, there are groups to help you stop.
1. You can prove you have a Beer.

Angry Jude

I’ve not gotten that angry at someone in a long while.

I think I might need to take a few steps back and reassess some things. I’m pretty sure it’s just a matter of clear communication with this certain individual, but I have a deep down feeling that this person and I won’t ever be friends.

Holidays 2008 – post production report

The 2008 holidays started with my having to purchase new tires for my car…  It was needed but at the same time I was hoping to avoid doing it until after the first of the year, but as the quote goes, “Life is what happens while you’re making other plans".”  So I accept the fact i had to put $900 into the car…

I started the week of Christmas at work, it was a pointless exercise as my entire venue team was gone and I think the department I work in was the only that had more than 5 people there.  I couldn’t really get anything done, so I helped where I could and left a little early on Monday.  By 5:00 pm I decided I was going to drive down to Seattle on Tuesday, so I packed the car and a bag.

It was also decided I would give another couple of friends a ride to the airport on my way out of town, I don’t mind, it’s on the way to the border!  Speaking of the border, on the way there I passed by 7 accidents, mostly people just driving to fast for the conditions.  Something to remember, four wheel drive doesn’t equal four wheel stop on ice.  Thankfully none of the accidents looked like there were any fatalities, so that’s something.

Crossing the border is always a challenge and I especially like the question, “what are you doing in Canada and why are you visiting the us?”

After a very uneventful, but long drive to Seattle I met up with S and her friends.  They were a good bunch of people and they not only know theatre and darts, but they can drink with the best of them!  I’m glad to have met them and I’m looking forward to seeing them again in the future!

Christmas eve is always a bit of a challenge, but it was good to see everyone and especially my brother, the last J.  Having his birthday on Christmas eve is a little bad, but it’s life and you can’t get away from it!

The big day started with a phone call at 4:30 AM from E, she still has problems with the whole time difference thing, but it was excellent to hear from her!  If someone has to wake me up at 4:30 AM on Christmas day at least it was her and not some niece or nephew and the whole “Santa’s been here!”  Yes, I know I was the first one up for years, but I’ve grown out of it so leave me be in the morning!  It was great to have a quick catch up with E and I hope to hear from her again sometime soon!

The day itself was good, a nice little nap in the afternoon, a huge turkey dinner and a showing of The Dark Knight!  I’m not sure my aunt knew what she was getting into to, but it was fun to watch with my sister, her husband and my brother.  Of course I think I’m the only one who watched the whole thing, everyone else fell asleep sometime during the movie.

Boxing day found me driving back to the other side, the other side is the non-island side of the water as my folks live on an island.  I headed back to S’s house and a boxing day party.  It was a little exciting getting there, but I had a blast with S’s friends and the two who I had met at the beginning of the trip were at the party, so it was good to see them there and have a few more words before I headed north. 

I managed to get back to Van on Saturday and didn’t leave the house until New years eve.  It was great to just relax and not have to be anywhere or have any plans.  Some would call it lazy, but I would just call it a holiday in my own apartment.

New Years Eve was a bit off, I wasn’t feeling like partying much, but I made the effort.  I guess I hit a stride at about midnight and went a little nuts at the pub.  I’m pretty sure we closed the place down and I didn’t get to be until at least 5:00 AM…  I didn’t manage to get out of bed until Noon and I didn’t feel right until about 8:00 PM.

I’ll give the 2008 holidays a 8 out of 10 for an overall score.  It’s really an average, but I’m glad I was around this year for the family as who knows what will happen for the 2009 holidays, after all it’s going to be pretty busy for me as well as a lot of friends.