The plank of wood

After doing a bit of snowboarding on Sunday I made the decision to buy my own gear.  I was tired of the smell of rental gear and the quality while good, is not all that great.  I think the best way to describe the rental board (now that I have my own) is like racing around a track in a semi-truck while the new board is like racing up a mountain in a Subaru wrx sti.  I know I have no other experience to draw on and I’m sure someone is going to ask how I can possibly know.  Well after purchasing my own gear and riding it last night I can tell you I’m never going to hire again.

The decision to purchase the kit was one thing, the actual finding the kit was something else entirely.  I did a bit of research and then asked around the office to the other sports minded folks I know, which considering where I work is most of them, and went to a local discount sports shop which was on the way home.  I managed to find someone to help me after a few minutes of just hanging around and went forth and purchased a snowboard, boots, bindings and a helmet (I have to protect my precious good looks) and $500 Canadian later I was ready to go!

The snow wasn’t great, but the experience was fantastic!  I will keep hitting the slopes in an attempt to just get better and try new things.  After all I’m living here for another year and the games are winter in nature I feel like I should do my best to try a few of them while I’m here!







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