Gods and Monsters

I was having a discussion the other night about religion, not something I’m usually prone to do as I have some pretty radical views on how I think all religions should act.  One of the things that had me a little confused last night, was in my talking with someone I was told that even though they were on the same side as someone else they were arguing about religion and if someone was a heathen or not.

My opinion was along the lines of this “If you’re on the same side, tell them to get stuffed. If you don’t agree with them than ask them to respect your opinion as you respect theirs.”

It makes me laugh at religion openly when they argue amongst themselves, the “believers” who have the same book and yet they argue with each other the meaning of words that weren’t written by any deity, but by a human doing “gods” work. 

I had a revelation last night while I was trying to keep myself up as long as possible, all the “books” that are supposed to provide us with moral guidance have all been written by man.  Of course there are new interpretations of these words, people are even going back to the what constitutes the original writings, but I still see the problem that these words were not written by a god, they were written by man.  And the one thing living has taught me is that man has an agenda, one that would arguably go against the teachings of a god who is supposed to be as wise as they are compassionate.

I suppose I should clarify my views before I’m labeled as an atheist or as I was called last night a “heathen” (I’m pretty sure it was only in jest so I’m not that fussed about it), I believe in something, what I believe in is for me to have and I will not force anyone else to believe as I do.  It’s my right as a human to have my own beliefs, and to have them be my moral compass.  Some people may call that being an atheist or a heathen and it’s their right as a human to hold that belief.

I’ve been to areas on this planet that have no place of worship and yet I feel something good, I’ve been to houses of worship and have felt nothing but evil there.  I’m not convinced there is a god or gods that I should or shouldn’t be worshiping, what I am convinced of though is we as humans need to be compassionate to each other and should always remember that as we move further down the path of a global community.  With respect and compassion towards each other we can truly become a global population that can do amazing things.

What the hell?

From working long hours to injuries… I don’t know which way is up.  Of course there are other reasons I don’t know which way is up, but I think I’ll keep those to myself for a little while longer.

The latest injury happened last weekend, I was helping someone move some items down the hill and wouldn’t you know it, I planted my shoulder into the snow and slid a good distance down.  Oh well, it just proves that I’m still learning to snowboard.  I guess it’s all in how I get back up from the fall and I still got up, and it’s not going to stop me from going again!

I was working again yesterday afternoon, it was supposed to be a long shift, but the required tasks were completed by 6:00 PM and I made the call that we shouldn’t be there any longer.  It was good to have a regular night, just chilling out at a bar with some old friends and having a couple drinks before going home to relax on the couch and watch a few movies.

Tonight is going to be a little more difficult for me as I’m on the overnight shift, nothing like a 9:00 PM to 7:00 AM shift to get your body going :).

Mountain vs. Shoulder, Mountain wins…

I was helping another function deliver some materials to a remote location on the mountain this morning and wouldn’t you know it, I fell and stuff my shoulder.  Naturally it’s the right shoulder, which of course is the one I seem to have an affinity for injuring the most.  Probably because I’m right handed and someone somewhere thinks this is funny.

Of course at this stage I’m getting the usual “Dude that sucks” or my new favorite “Chicks dig gimps”.  Holy crap if I had known this years ago life would be different.