RIFF Day 1 & 2

It’s time for the Rainier Independent Film Festival (RIFF) in Ashford, WA.  I’ve been involved with the festival since 2007, which I guess that means from the beginning.  It’s a great weekend away from the hustle of the city to watch some good, bad and ugly movies in the shadow of Mt Rainier. 

This year we started the festival with Spooner, a comedy that sits nicely in the genre that contains Napoleon Dynamite, Rushmore, and pretty much anything else Wes Anderson has done.  Spooner has quite a good cast, Matthew Lillard heads up the cast as Herman Spooner, an almost 30 year old still living at home with his folks who works as a used car salesman.  Part of the story has Spooner getting evicted by his folks on his 30th birthday.  A few days prior to his being kicked to the curb he meets the girl of his dreams, played by Nora Zehetner, on the side of the road.  What unfolds is a sweet as it is awkward, the girl Spooner meets is leaving the country to teach in the Philippines.  All Spooner can do is try and find a way to keep her nearby, only to find out that sometimes you have to travel to find what’s most important to you.

Hopefully the lineup tonight is as good as the opener last night.






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