The Car, or lack thereof

I purchased my car in June of 2005, she was meant to be a new start for me.  My wife had left me and the car I had been driving was covered in memories good and bad, basically things I didn’t want to remember.  I had traded that car in and got the first car I was truly comfortable in, a Subaru Impreza 2.5 RS.  Black exterior and black interior, she was a smooth, fast car and I loved her.

As of yesterday at 2:45 PM I no longer have a car.  She was a good ride.  I took her from corner to corner of the lower 48, she took me there in style.  I never had any serious issues with her and I was happy to have had her as long as I had her.

Selling my car is a big step for me.  It means I can’t just go where I want to when I want to anymore, I have to plan my trip a little more carefully to include public transit or a ride from a friend.

Some might ask why on earth I would sell my car, especially if I loved her so much.  Well I did love her, I just didn’t love the payments on her.  She cost me on average $600 a month, which didn’t even include gas.

Oh well, I’m just going to have to get in better shape!  More bike riding for me!


I’ve just submitted the payoff on my car!  I should have the title in hand to sign over to the new owner by next week!!!

Update Again!

The purchaser of my vehicle is coming by to pick up the title!  The last step in the transfer of the vehicle to someone else.  This is it, after today I no longer have a vehicle in my name!






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