Triathlon… No really I tried!

Ah, a relaxing weekend in Kelowna, a paradise for boating, hiking, and triathlons! I recently competed in my first triathlon, the Apple Triathlon, which was a short distance known as a Try a Tri. This distance is shorter than a sprint and is designed to be a good introduction to the world of triathlons. I absolutely loved the experience, except for the run.

Preparing for the race was quite the adventure. On Friday the 21st, I woke up early to pack my things and double-check that I had everything I needed. This included my bike, gloves, helmet, bathers, goggles, and running shoes. However, my ride was running late, and we had to install a rack on the car to transport my bike. While attaching the rack, someone accidentally slammed my middle finger in the door, adding an unexpected twist to the morning.

After finally arriving in Kelowna, we checked into the hostel but couldn’t immediately check in to the race office. We used this time to explore the city and familiarize ourselves with the race route. Later, during check-in, I encountered another challenge: my helmet had a large crack, so I had to rush to a bike shop to get a new one.

Back at the transition area, there was a mix-up with my race number, requiring me to get a new one assigned. Despite these setbacks, everything seemed sorted, and I was ready for the race on Saturday.

On Saturday the 22nd, despite bad pre-race dreams and a noisy bunk bed, I was up early and ready to go. Before the race, I tried to relax and focus by listening to music, but some people insisted I couldn’t use my iPod, even in the pre-race area.

The swim, being my strongest part, boosted my confidence for the rest of the race. I started the swim with a gold cap, which was intended for a higher-end race but was what I received as a late registrant. I finished 9th out of 137 people in the swim, feeling strong and competitive.

The bike ride, however, was more challenging due to the lack of proper gear. I was passed by many competitors but still managed to finish 23rd overall in that segment. Finally, the run, my weakest part, was a struggle, but I pushed through to the finish line feeling exhausted but accomplished.

Overall, I finished 75th out of 137 people, which I’m told is a good result for a first-timer. I’m proud of my performance and eager to improve in all three segments for my next triathlon.







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