Just before I was getting ready to leave Vancouver I noticed my laptop acting up, which normally is something I can deal with, in this case it was the precursor to my laptop having a catastrophic fail.  The video card gave up the ghost the day before I was supposed to get on a plane for Chicago, which given the nature of the gig it meant that the laptop failing when it did mean I was humped.

I did a quick search and discovered that I could spend about a grand in a short order on a new windows laptop, or I could spend about the same on a mac.  Well I went the mac route and as of today, I’ve done something I never thought I could get done.  As I write this on my MacBook Pro running Windows Vista on a separate partition.  So I’ve got a dual boot, which is not something I’ve done since Window XP and Redhat…

I’ve been told I should just embrace the Mac and roll with it, but over the years I’ve found that both Windows and Mac have their strong suits, while multimedia production on the Mac is much stronger, Office suite applications and CAD applications are stronger for the PC.  So now with the dual boot I have access to both the strong suits and that makes me very happy!  I’ve got CAD for my technical work and I’ve Lightroom for my photography and I only have to restart to have access to either of them.

I’m not a convert and I won’t preach the benefits of either platforms, but I will say that I enjoy aspects of both and will most likely continue down the path of dual boot for the foreseeable future.

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