Something Somewhere Sometime

Just before I was about to leave Vancouver, I noticed my laptop acting up. While I normally handle such issues easily, this time it was a sign of impending doom. The video card failed the day before I was supposed to fly to Chicago, putting a wrench in my plans as the gig I was heading to required a functioning laptop.

After a quick search, I realized I could either spend about a grand on a new Windows laptop or do the same for a Mac. I chose the latter and, as of today, I’ve achieved something I never thought I could: I’m writing this on my MacBook Pro running Windows Vista on a separate partition. This dual boot setup is a throwback to my days of using Windows XP and Redhat.

Some have suggested I should fully embrace the Mac, but I’ve found that both Windows and Mac have their strengths. While Mac excels in multimedia production, I find that the Office suite and CAD applications are stronger on PC. With the dual boot, I now have access to the strengths of both platforms, which makes me very happy. I can use CAD for my technical work and Lightroom for my photography without needing to restart.

I’m not converting to one side or the other, and I won’t preach the benefits of either platform. I simply enjoy aspects of both and will likely continue with the dual boot setup for the foreseeable future.






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