Snowboarding Adventures and High-Flying Events: A Winter Tale

I’ve been remiss in my writing for a while now, so here I am catching myself up! I’ve been picking up more events recently, which is good, but I’ve not been snowboarding enough, which is bad.

So far this season I’ve been to Whistler a couple of times and hit the Snoqualmie as well. I had an epic fail on my second trip to Whistler, using one’s head as a pivot for a cartwheel is not recommended for one’s neck or shoulders. I injured myself on the 27th of December, and a month later it’s still not healed right. Not to mention the injury I have on my left arm, or the bad knees, or ankles… But am I going to let that kind of crap stop me from enjoying the snow? Hell No!

I picked a good day to go to Snoqualmie; there was six inches of fresh powder the night before heading up, and I was pleasantly surprised on the available runs. They’re wide open, and I can get my speed on, which is one of the reasons I love snowboarding. I’m not one for fancy tricks or jumps, although I can see the appeal in Snowcross as something I wouldn’t mind trying as it’s based more on speed and navigation than jumps and tricks. I didn’t injure myself, which also leads me to like Snoqualmie a little more than I thought, since it’s been a rough year for finding new and interesting ways to hurt myself.

The events side is a little more interesting. I’ve been on a few calls to the top of the Space Needle, not just on the observation deck, but on the actual roof and outer fixtures of the needle. They call it “walking the halo”; I call it a 360-degree view of Seattle and the surrounding area that is unmatched with anything else I’ve ever seen. Not only are you walking out 500+ feet off the ground with only a harness and tether keeping you from falling, but you get an unobstructed view of Mt Rainier, Mt Baker, the Cascades, and the Olympics, a view that very few others have had the chance to see.

The two different gigs I got the chance to be a part of that included the Needle I had clear winter days, and the view was spectacular. I only wish I had taken my good camera and not just my small one, but alas no large objects that can’t be tethered to you are allowed.

Now I’m getting ready for the roll out of the 1000th 767 for Boeing. It should be fun as we have a short amount of time to install a serious lighting rig. I love the challenges; if it were boring, I wouldn’t want to be a part of it!





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