Doha – Part Deux

Well, I’m back in the sandbox once again, a place I never thought I’d set foot in after my last experience. However, this time around, I’m not running from anything; I’m here for a new challenge. A friend of mine enticed me to join the team working on the Pan Arab Games, and I couldn’t resist the opportunity.

The Games are a bit behind schedule in terms of planning, but that’s not due to any fault of the team here. It’s more about a lack of experience, which is understandable for such a large-scale event. It’s a great environment to be in, though, as everyone is supportive and eager to learn and improve.

My role this time is quite significant—I’m in charge of logistics for the competition venues. It’s a big step up for me, and I’m excited about the challenge it presents. As I write this on what should be my first day, I find myself up at 4:30 AM, not out of nervousness, but due to a combination of jet lag from the long flight and the 10-hour time difference from home.

While I’m looking forward to the work challenge, staying in touch with someone back home is going to be difficult. The schedule for the Games is intense, with little time for breaks. I’ll have a brief holiday at the beginning of September, but it seems unlikely that I’ll be able to leave given the amount of work that needs to be done in a short time. Perhaps I can persuade that special someone to endure a 19-hour flight to come visit me here…

Overall, I’m embracing this new challenge with open arms. It’s a chance to test my skills, learn new things, and contribute to something meaningful. And who knows, maybe this time in the sandbox will be a completely different experience from before.






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