Honey… Honey… No really you want honey?

Eating at one of my favorite restaurants here in the Sandbox, I had the oddest thing happen to me. We were finishing up dinner, some Shish Tawooq sandwiches, when this guy whom I’ve seen there a few times slides up to our table and starts miming something in front of his belly in the rough shape of a jar. Then it gets weird; he starts asking if I like honey. Now, normally I’m not into guys or honey, but this was a moment in time where you can’t just make a flash decision and go with the norm. The dude was offering me honey! So, I did what any normal human would do when presented with a dude miming a jar of honey in front of himself; I said, ‘No, I’m okay?’ Which roughly translates into, ‘Yes, I would like you to bring me a jar of contraband honey and shove it into my shopping bag.’ He then proceeded to shove the jar into my bag, and I gave him some QAR, and we went out the door with my contraband honey…

I’ll have to report later if the honey is any good or if I’ve been arrested for buying contraband honey…







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