Apple has me by the balls and here’s why….

I made the leap back into Apple last year by buying a used MacBook pro, it was a necessity at the last minute as my dell laptop succumbed to the dreaded nvidia failure that almost all laptops had from that year. I was going to be traveling the next day and I didn’t have time or the patience to order a new laptop and besides I was on a plane for an event the next day so what was I supposed to do?

Flash forward a year and I’m in Doha, coming to the close of my contract for the Arab games and getting ready to go home and what should happen? My MacBook pro went tits up… The same nvidia issue has struck again! Normally that would mean I would shift it another manufacturer, but I won’t and let me tell you why… Apple customer support is the best I’ve ever experienced, I take my laptop to a physical store, staffed by knowledgeable people (at least the ones I’ve dealt with) and they take care of me, yes sometimes it costs me money to get it repaired, but most of the times it’s covered by the warranty of repair and service that apple has. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to have an actual store with real people inside of it to drop off a piece of equipment that is critical to my business and have it repaired in a timely manner actually is. So my first stop when I get home, after of course I get off the plane and take care of some phone things, the apple store to drop my laptop off and get repaired.

The next step after that is going to be back to the apple store, in hopes the warranty of service will cover the repair of the MacBook, if it doesn’t it won’t hurt my feelings too much as I’m budgeting to buy a new MacBook pro.

So the moral of the story and why apple has me by the balls? Simple, they have a good product, but the product is put to shame by the customer service, they are attentive and they take care of you, they don’t make you feel stupid and they actually understand the subtle art of customer service. All the times I’ve had to go into the store to get something done, I’ve never once been made to feel stupid or felt like I was less of a person because I had a problem with their hardware.

My hat is off to you apple and the products and service you provide, I hope you continue to do good work and keep us nerds in good hardware.






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