Hell hath a name and it is Wendover…

Yes, I firmly believe I am in some level of hell here in Utah / Nevada, yes there’s slash in there because half the town is in Utah and the other Nevada, and yes there is a big difference between them. Utah side is ghetto and Nevada side is all shiny and casino like.

Now I’m not going to say I’m some sort of guy who has to go out every night, but on the weekend I do like to head to my local watering hole and toss a few back with friends. In Wendover there is no local watering hole outside of the casinos, and the people here are… well scary. I was getting hit on by some 55+ year old lady last night, while this may say wonders about my looks, it was kind of creepy in that gnaw your own arm off to get out of the situation creepy. Needless to say I don’t look forward to going out again tonight, but we’re supposed to do something with the client this evening and I can’t beg off.






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  1. Melkir Avatar

    What do you call a 50 year old if a 40 year old is a Cougar..

    and … why is all the text on your side bar so tiny..

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