And the luck holds

So after my episode yesterday I didn’t think my luck could get worse, well I was wrong! Today instead of eating at the casino buffet yet again we decided to drive to a little Mexican place just outside of town, the food turned out to be excellent as far as Mexican food goes. What didn’t turn out to be excellent was our little adventure back towards the salt flats. We hit a large rock and punctured the oil pan in our little rental car, it immediately sensed danger and shut the engine off, only about 2 miles from the highway and gas station. Now there really isn’t anything in this neck of the woods expect a whole lot of salt, and a gas station 2 miles away on flat road. So being the tech minded fools we are we decided to push the car to the gas station where we would wait for a tow. As we’re pushing the car into the gas station, and mind you we’re freaking tired at this point, well you try to push a mid sized car for two miles and see how you feel, just as we’re pushing the car into the lot I notice the gas station has a tow truck sitting in front… Lucky for us we pushed the car there…

Now to top this all off the nearest rental car company is 110 miles to the East in Salt Lake City, so while we’re waiting for the truck driver to come pick us up so we can make the trek in to Salt Lake to pick up our new rental car. I think we’re planning on getting a SUV this time in hopes the rocks won’t be big enough to hurt the rental…

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