Cash Back

I just finished watching a movie called Cash Back, and I was moved to write something about it as soon as it ended.

The movie premise seemed simple enough to me when I put it in on the list for Netflix, an art student has insomnia and takes a job during the night shift at the local market.  What the description didn’t say was why the insomnia came about, and what he did to make the time useful.  AS an artist he creates still life images from the people as he freezes time and sketches them. 

I’ve always loved the concept of freezing time, perhaps that’s why I love photography as much as I do. I can freeze time in a single image, that snap of a shutter symbolizes to me the stopping of time.  It’s something I’ve had a hard time expressing, but this movie does that for me.  I’m almost disappointed I couldn’t come up with a description on my own, without a movie to help, but I’m glad the movie was there to assist.

You might hate it, but I loved it, if you get the chance watch Cash Back and let me know what you think.






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