Author: jude

  • Wednesday’s in October suck….

    Organizing my thoughts have been a challenge in the last three months.  We’ve had good and bad news, all seem to be happening in and at the same time.  I mean in and at, not at the same time.  For me time has a funny way of playing tricks on my senses, which as an […]

  • America…

    My heart hurts; my country is descending into madness with this idea that it’s our “right” to own guns.  Another shooting and yet again we will do nothing to rectify the issue.  Owning guns and having access to guns doesn’t make you more safe, it makes you more un-safe.  And yet my countrymen will continue […]

  • The Bro Code

    1) You must always have your bro’s back. No exceptions. 2) When your bro’s girlfriend inquires about his whereabouts you know nothing, always. 3) You are only obligated to wingman for one bro per social event, after that the bro is on his own. 4) When a bro designates you as his wingman, you may […]

  • 2013 in a nutshell

    2013 was the year of many events, I got the chance to work on festivals that I’ve always wanted to attend or have some roll with, and this was the time to do it. Music festivals are a lucrative business and I’m glad I’ve had the opportunity to work some of the really big ones […]

  • Why I really started snowboading

    I started snowboarding in 2008 and would love to give others the same experience I’ve had or something close to it. Until 2008 I had only been on a snowboard once before in my life and that was in 2006, indoors on manmade snow in Dubai, an experience that both terrified and elated me all […]

  • Transition again…?

    It’s happening again, a transition in my life that I was planning in having happen, but not so soon. I was informed on Thursday that my job will no longer exist at the end of this month, that the company I’ve been working for since March is restructuring and eliminating the position and replacing it […]

  • Indeed…

    My route home from Doha was a trial, literally a trial. It turns out the paperwork that was supposed to have been done back in January in regards to the settlement I had to agree to or be stuck in Doha for two years fighting fraudulent charges on my credit card from 2006. I picked […]

  • Apple has me by the balls and here’s why….

    I made the leap back into Apple last year by buying a used MacBook pro, it was a necessity at the last minute as my dell laptop succumbed to the dreaded nvidia failure that almost all laptops had from that year. I was going to be traveling the next day and I didn’t have time […]

  • Exit stage left

    Well I’ve started my exit procedure for the Arab games… So far I’m a little freaked, not that I’m leaving, but that they’ve taken all forms of identification that I can use to be recognized as a US citizen… I have no ID card and no passport in hand; since rule #1 when traveling internationally […]

  • Suitcases….

    Packing for home and discovering your two suitcases that have traveled the world with you have developed quirks you can’t live with anymore are ready for the scrap heap. I’ve retired my large Samsonite and have traded it in for a North Face wheeled duffle. It’s not perfect and it’s not what I usually go […]