Politics or Religion? Should we care?

I’ve never been accused of being overtly political or overtly religious, but I just saw an article on CNN.com that made me laugh out loud.

Dude The headline reads “Evangelist accuses Obama of ‘distorting’ Bible“, I assumed it mean some sort of Christian whack job that usually stands up when they should sit down and shut the fuck up, and I guess I wasn’t disappointed.

 James Dobson is that whack job and the best quote I found in the article was this ‘James Dobson says Barack Obama is distorting biblical teachings to fit "his own confused theology."’.  imageSo it seems it would be an opportune moment to chant, Hey pot the kettle is calling and guess what? 

When has a evangelist ever not distorted the bible to their own ends?  I don’t think I’ve heard of one.  Basically with his popularity flagging this wonderful example of humanity has decided to go on the attack.  Like there’s something to attack besides his own distorted views on the bible, religion or politics.

An open letter to the state…

I hate the state department of unemployment. 

We pay into the “system” so we might have something to fall back on when we no longer have a job.  Of course I would now rather gouge my own eyes out rather then take money from the state system that we all pay into.  Why?  Because I’ve been notified that the state is going to be garnishing my wages to the sum of $350 a paycheck for the next three months.  They are under the impression that I defrauded them out of $1900 while I was unemployed and barley scraping by.  So I guess I’m back to barley scraping by for the next three months, good thing it’s summer and I can ride my fucking bike to work so I don’t have to waste money on gas.

Fuck you state, how dare you and I hope you burn for this.