Friends part 2

I’ve discovered some of my friends have a knack for calling right when I need to talk. Thanks again to my pirate friend for calling at the most opportune time, even though there was a brass band that drove you to the phone I’m still happy to have heard from you!

People, Friends and others…

I keep thinking to myself I like my friends, and you know what? I do like my friends. I have different types of friends though… I have friends who live in the neighborhood, others who are far away (Ellen, Arrrr!) and then there are others who’ve I just met and I get the impression they think I’m after something I’m not. I know I can be an intense guy sometimes, but the reality is I don’t ask for anything I wouldn’t give any one of my friends. If you need help I’ll be there, even to the point of getting on a plane and being by your side if you needed someone. I would break kneecaps with a crescent wrench for all my friends if I was asked. I know this is a little weird for some, as they’ve known me for a long time, but that’s the truth of the matter. You’re just as much my family as my blood, I would get on a plane and travel 26 hours just to be with someone who needed me. With that, to al my friends, you know who you are, I’m at your disposal, if you need anything, anywhere, anytime I will be there.

Thanks for being friends with me!

Home again…

In less then 18 hours I’ll be getting on a jet plane never to come back again… Well until I get the time to come back to a place I can truly call my home away from home. I’ve fallen in love with Australia and all it has to offer and I’m kind of sad to be going back to Seattle so soon. But in a way I’m excited to start again, to see what I can accomplish while I’m home and to see the changes in people from the last year.

Well as a parting gift for the friends who’ve been nice enough to put me up for the last few nights I’m going to cook some Mexican food for them.

Burning ears

JB and I were talking the night before he left for Seattle about our school days and the people we knew. The really crazy thing is I had said I would like to apologize to someone for some very stupid school crap that I did back in the day. It was a real shame that I wasn’t smart enough to not be an ass sometimes and I’ve wanted to apologize for some of the things I did in school, but never really had the chance.

Anyway the person I wanted to apologize to or at least get back in touch with, is an old family friend, well they were an old family friend. Our families had a falling out a few years ago and we’ve not really had any contact with each other, expect for the occasional visit while traveling through Renton. I do like the family and I missed having them around, they’re good people if not a little odd like my own family. They had two kids and our family had three, when I needed a place to stay overnight and I couldn’t go to a relative I would stay at their house. I always felt like I was a part of their family and that’s why I felt pretty bad about some of the things I had said to this person. So when this person emailed me just the next day to catch up I was a little weirded out by the sudden contact. I hope we get the chance to catch up at some point when I get back to Seattle. It also reminds me that I need to get in touch with her family again. Another thing to add to the to-do list when I get back to Seattle.


Is what’s in my mind right now… I’m going to be able to pay off all my credit card debt and pay for the various monthly bills while I’m travelling for the next three months. Not only that but I’m going to be able to travel for the next three months to Thailand (again) and Australia. Now I just have to decide how long I’m going to be there. We’ll see.

Being out of debt is good, but then there’s the other clutter in my mind, people from the past who keep making unexpected appearances, things I did to people in the past that may or may not have had a good effect on them or me (I suppose I would know so maybe this is just crap on my part), and people I care for but can’t seem to tell them. How funny is that?

I saw the person I want to tell those three words to over new years, but was I able to say it? Nope, not able to. One, she’s happy. So why muck around with it? Two, she doesn’t feel the same way about me, so why muck up myself? Three, I’m not there, even if the second item changed what am I supposed to do about it? Four, I’m a complete moron when it comes to my feelings and how they effect others, so refer back to mucking myself up. I suppose I’ve talked myself out of it, so what’s the deal? Oh yeah I almost forgot, I never forget crap and I like to muck myself up at every chance I get.

I went home for New Years, what a great idea that was, not only did I surprise my mom, aunt and brother, but I got the chance to see my niece and nephew, wow they have grown. But I also got the chance to see friends I’ve not seen in years. It was a good trip minus BA loosing three of my four bags. I guess I was worried about it for maybe five minutes, but if you can’t do anything about it then why worry? I could worry about a little thing like I packed most of my life into those four bags and have only gotten two out of the four back so far, and the two missing contain all my archives of photos from the last 10 years. But why worry about something like that? It just means I have to go back to those places and get the photos again? Or I could just use this as the perfect excuse to move on, take it as the hint that it is as a point in which I can start fresh. I like that idea, maybe it’s time to start again…

A place for my thoughts

I was having a really good conversation last night with an excellent friend, someone whose opinion I value highly.  They mentioned that while reading my blog they felt as though they were intruding, almost as a voyeur into my thoughts.  I know some of the things I’ve written here would normally be put into a diary, a private journal, the thoughts I’ve put here are not as private as some would think.  The really private thoughts I keep elsewhere, somewhere the world can’t see.  The ones I’ve put out there for everyone to see are the thoughts I don’t want to keep.  Writing them in a public place allows me to purge them; it’s a liberating feeling to get these thoughts out.

Friends in need

It’s winter back home… I catch myself looking at the weather and wondering how I can be wearing shorts and a t-shirt right now.  I should be in my heavy coat and jeans wondering what soup I should be cooking tonight, instead I’m sitting here in my office / garage in the desert and wondering what the hell I’m going to do after these "Games".   

I read a message from a friend who’s going through a particularly hard time and I wish I could be more help.  Its tough being in a position where you need help from friends and you can’t get it, or you’re just not sure how to ask for help, or worse you think if you do ask the person you ask might make fun of you for it.  We live in an imperfect world.  Our lives are full of promise when we’re young and then as we get older, responsibility creeps in and suddenly you realize how un-fun life has become. 

We all have to make decisions in our lives that we’re not sure the outcome.  I know some of us try and plan ahead, I know I try to, but ultimately the best times come from letting go of the plan and rolling with it.  My advice to my friend, and I hope this works for him, is just let life happen, life plans should be less like a set of directions and more like a map of all the highways and roads. 

Each road presents you with a choice, the choice you make has an effect on the path you choose, but in the end you should enjoy the journey and remember to sometimes go left instead of right.