Weekend Upcoming

I’m completely stoked about this weekend.  Today I pick up my press pass for the Seeds of Compassion conference that’s happening this weekend.  One of the special guests is His Holiness the Dalai Lama, someone who I admire and consider to be on of the most spiritual humans on the planet.  His messages of peace are something even the most die hard atheist can get behind.  It’s really all about being groovy to each other, how hard can that be?


Live to work… Work to live?

The jobs I’ve had in the past haven’t really prepared me for the politics involved with my new job.  While I don’t mind the politics, I dislike that they get in the way of doing the real work.  We have to be nice to this guy even though he’s a prick, don’t mind her she’s crazy, etc.. 

In the reality I used to live in, I was insulated from the politics of decisions and how they were made.  I was usually handed a box of money and told to make it happen, which I did and I think I did well.  There are days I miss the simple work of installing a show over a week’s time with multiple vendors and multiple clients all having an opinion on how things should work and run.  In the end the event would come off just fine and everyone seemed to be happy.

Here we have to appease the masses when in reality the masses aren’t _MG_4886the issue, it’s the select few that make the most noise that are the issue.  The masses go along with what the few decide and in a way that’s the issue.  It’s not in the best interest of anyone to work like this, but it’s how we work now.  For good or bad this is the job at hand and we have to take as many opinions and make the most educated decision based on those opinions. 

To bad it’s not a dictatorship like so many other companies I’ve worked with, one person says “this is the way I want it to look” and then all the worker bees had to do is figure out how to make the impossible possible.


I’ve always been good with the ladies…

Wow… I’m in Hawaii and loving it. It’s 26c with a light rain… It feels like heaven. The weather is good the scenery is excellent and the people are friendly.

So now on to the title of this post. I decided to stop off at a little overlook that’s near the place we’re staying, I pull up and look out over the valley as it’s covered in rain and mist and feel pretty much at _MG_8329 peace. Then I hear a voice asking if I want something, since I wasn’t really paying attention I look over and see an old lady either making the “I’ll give you a blow job” motion or the “Do you want to buy some pot” motion. Since they’re similar and I’m not interested in either I just smile and shake my head.

Old lady number two was more appropriate, she was just a nice person working in a clothing shop that I stopped in to find a gift for my niece and nephew. We ended up talking for a while before I made any purchase decision and we had a grand old time. She was very forthcoming about her life and travels, in the end she gave me come money off and something for free as I decided what to get the little ones. It was quite sweet as she took my money and then gave me a big hug calling me a good uncle.

Now that I have that warm and fuzzy feeling I think I might go for a walk and see what I see.

The randomness of my life

Right then, I’m here in Seattle for a job right?  A job that I’m into and like, the people I work with are weird in their own rights and for the most part I like them both.  But the randomness of my life may need to stop sometime soon. 

One of the more influential people in my life has resurfaced as of tonight.  Keep in mind, I’ve not seen this person since 1993 and the fact she has resurfaced tonight is interesting to me.  This is someone who could be part of the reason I am who I am today.  She was there for me at a critical point in my life and has been with me in the back of my mind for many years.  So as fate would have it I ran into my theatre teacher from my first year in high school tonight.  As it turns out she is part of the association that I’m now a part of, I have to stress now how influential this person was for me and how random meeting her tonight was.  I’m astounded by the fates and how they seem to be working together to bring people who’ve made me who I am today back into my life, both for good and bad.  Tonight was a good, and I’m glad to have reconnected with this person.  She made me want to exceed her expectations and I will always remember her attention to detail and how she made me want to perform above and beyond what I thought I was capable of.

How much more random can my life become?  Who knows, and if you do know then please give me fair warning.

My goal for the evening

I decided that on the way home I would stop off at the store and buy a bottle of wine, my goal for the evening to get drunk.  It’s not like I deserve this or I feel some depression, I just decided to drink myself to sleep this evening.  I guess it’s better then what I was originally planning on doing, so if that makes it better, fine.

So of all the five or six people who get their J updates from my blog, I’m sorry that I feel the distinct need to drink.  Actually I’m not sorry at all, I just said that because it looked good on the screen.

I think it’s just me feeling sorry for myself, I can only think of one reason for that and frankly I’m not surprised, after all it’s my SOP when it comes to people I like.  I think a lot of it spawns from my not having a normal college experience, what I mean by that is most people have that dating thing in college and they figure out what they like and such.  Since I got into a serious relationship, well I thought it was serious, almost as soon as I left high school, I missed what normal people go through, the dating ups and downs available to them in college.

Right then enough moping around, there’s drinking to be done!


Gibberish and gunk…

Christmas is coming and I’m being pestered by family to come up with some sort of list of presents I want.  This was kind of fun when I was a little kid, but as I got older I found I couldn’t write a list of wants as I didn’t really care that much.  In fact I’ve not really been surprised by any gifts I’ve gotten in the past ten years.  To me it’s more fun to "sucker punch" another member of the family by given them something completely unexpected and out there.  Like last year I gave the gift of my presence to my mom.  Now to some that may sound a little self centered, but I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and had been hinting that I wouldn’t be coming home anytime soon.  I hopped a plane and rode 26 hours, lost three of my four bags and managed to get upgraded to first class all to see the look of complete and abject horror PC020009on my mom’s face when I tapped her on the shoulder to say "could I get a hug too?"  One could use that for one of those Mastercard commercials and I would laugh to see it.  So how do I top that?  I can’t just show up this time, although I think my mere presence is a gift in itself (of course I’m kidding!). 

I guess I’m just not into Christmas as I used to be.  As I mentioned above I’ve not been blown away by any gift in recent years.  Oh well, on that note please check out my form of a tree topper and I hope my humbug attitude doesn’t bother to many people…

Home is where the couch is?

It’s true I went home for the long weekend and was fully aware of my cousin sleeping there… But the note on my door saying she was crashed out in my bed as I had not made it home by the time I had originally stated in an email made me feel less then welcome in my own house…  So what did I do as soon as I dropped my things you might ask?  I went straight to the pub and got drunk!  My bar tender friend at the Dock was more then happy to see me and more then happy to pour me a pint or five and make my night a little better.  I proceeded to stumble home, thank god the pub is only a block away, and pass out in my chair.  Which happens to be right were my cousin found me at 4 AM, and in j_lizardsome drunken haze I managed to mumble something about no  worries and then passed back out.  Now I should mention my cousin is deaf and therefore didn’t hear me come in, and the only photo she has seen of me is right here.  As you can see it’s not the best photo of your’s truly, but it was sufficient for identification at 4 AM while I was drunk in the chair.  And this was my first night home!

Friday day was not a good day, considering the hangover from the night before and stiffness of sleeping in a chair, I got a phone call from my father and he proceeded to hang a guilt trip on me.  I relented and rescheduled my day to go help load my sister and her family up into a 26′ truck that was stuffed of… well stuff.  After that I went to see my friend and get a hair chop and then went to one of the other pubs I go on a Friday night, Terasco in Ballard.  It’s really the only night worth going as my buddy Jason works there and the beer is tasty.  Then it was off to dinner at the Steelhead Diner near Pike Place Market…  Holy shit the food was excellent, the service was wonderful and it helps that one of my best friends in the whole world is working there in the kitchen doing what she loves!  Even without her working there I highly recommend it to anyone.  I had the best lamb I’ve had since leaving Australia and the wine was excellent, and I can’t forget to mention the desert… A peach concoction that was an absolutely perfect way to end the meal.  After that I met back up with another really good friend and had a few drinks on the Hill and visited with my friend who just got off work from the Steelhead.

Saturday was less then restful as it involved my driving with my Aunt to Monmouth, Oregon to help my sister and her family unpack for a while.  The drive down was alright, but a bit long and the drive home was broken up with dinner at a little Mexican restaurant with Heather and Jason who just got back from their honeymoon in Malaysia.  Oh right, Jessica and Mark’s new house reminds me a lot of my Grandparent Trent’s house when I was growing up.  A lot larger, but very similar in feelings.  It felt like it could be a good home for the Lane family till they can find something more permanent.

Sunday involved my parking at Car Toys and getting a new stereo installed in my car, while most of you would argue why? I’ve had the same argument with myself and guess what? I won!  While the gnomes at Car Toys were installing my new toys I was off at Bumbershoot with JB and Uli.  We got to see some great comedy and some crazy folk wandering around the Seattle Center.  There was some good music and some entertaining circus like things happening.  We did get to wander through the Rock Poster exhibition, which had _MG_6402some good art and  some bad art, like all exhibitions it’s in the eye of the beholder.  As a wrap up to the day I went to a movie and then back to my pub around the corner from my place and got, you guessed it a little drunk!  I was forced to stay by the nice bartender who kept pouring me drinks to keep me around so she wouldn’t have to worry about the crazy Russian fishermen who kept trying to steal her booze and hit on her.  I’m happy to help a friend, besides the drinks are good and again the place is right around the corner from my house.

Monday was a little more restful and it involved a trip up to the island to visit my folks and help my dad get his gallery a little more ready for the Whidbey Island Gallery Tour that’s at the end of the month.  I insist everyone who reads this go to the tour!  I don’t care where you are in the world, just because you need to fly from halfway around it is no excuse to come see excellent art!  You know who I’m talking about don’t you!  Well Monday night found me once again on a barstool at the Dock, making friends and drinking a few before going home to finish packing and getting ready to fly back to Tucson, which is where I am at the moment.



So I’ve been busy for the last few weeks and now I’m finally sitting down and writing a post. Although I don’t have heaps of time to put into this I will just put the important stuff and update later.

First, I got a new job. I’ve accepted an offer from North American Video to work as a traveling installer. I don’t know what the full scope of the job is yet, but my first day is supposed to be the 16th of July. I’ve been speaking with a friend who works with the same company and he envisions me being able to go to a site for three weeks or more to install stuff and then come home. Also since it’s a business driven position, for example the more business they have the busier I am, I can choose to go on an install or not, or at least that’s what it sounds like at the moment. It seems like a great position for me as I am still trying hard to find something short term in other countries, so this job is something I can do when I come back to the states.

Second, I’m almost finished with refurbing my new apartment. It’s taken me quite a while to get to this stage, but the finish line is in site. The last room to paint is the kitchen and since I’m using a super deep color it’s going to take three coats to finish it off. The living room is finished and the entry hall is all sorted, new lighting fixtures everywhere expect the bathroom. I’m holding off on fixing the bathroom up until I start the new job, even though the rent exchange I’ve got going on with the landlord is cool, it still means I have to budget for the new sink and cabinet.

To tide everyone over until I have some new photos from my place here is a photo of the sun setting over the Olympic Mountains from the roof of the new WaMu tower in downtown Seattle.


I’m an adult, or at least I’m old enough to be one I think? Then why is it everything I do comes into question? For instance, why do I drink so much? Well lets look at this, I think at the moment I drink so much because I’m living with my parents, who both in their special way drive me up the wall. I’m not used to living with someone, I guess I’m a little more feral then I thought I was, but you know what I like the feral Jude. I’m happy with who I am and frankly I don’t see myself changing for anyone. I’ve been there and done that with the whole change to make someone else happy and you know what? I’m not going to do it again. Sure I’ll compromise with someone, but I’m not going to change who I am as a person just to make someone happy again. That I’m sorry to say also includes my family, I am who I am and that’s that.