Boat show, boat show, it’s the boat show…


So my new gig involves water, boats and all that goes between and with. So far it’s been a pretty fun gig. Security is a lot easier to deal with then it was in Doha, for the most part all the FA’s do their job well, some leave something to be desired, but all in all we work together to make it happen. Today was the fourth day of the show and we have another six to go before it all goes away.

P1270038One of the highlights was the tour of Seattle, provided by Kenmore Air. The float plane departs from the show, it’s a quick flight around the Seattle area and I got some nice shots of the city. It makes me wish I had brought my better camera, but I still had fun.


I’ll try and write a wrap-up post next weekend sometime after we move all the boats out of the show area.






One response to “Boat show, boat show, it’s the boat show…”

  1. Craig O'Neill Avatar
    Craig O’Neill

    Glad you had a good flight! I also wish you’d taken your good camera, but these are still nice shots — I wondered if you’d mind sharing them with us for possible promotional use. Please let me know.
    Craig O’Neill, Director of Marketing & Sales, Kenmore Air

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