End of the season…

The season kicked off early with an opening day trip to Whistler. I arrived to find a massive line, but a friend came to the rescue with an extra lift pass. After a hearty meal, we hit the slopes and then proceeded to party well into the next morning, making new friends and enjoying the snow with old and new pals alike.

As the season progressed, we encountered a snow shortage, and the local mountains suffered. Despite this, I made it out to Cypress enough times to justify the cost of the season pass. The challenging conditions, coupled with a lack of time, made this season a bit of a struggle.

Now, at the season’s end, I find myself back in Whistler, bookending the season on a new board and with improved skills. I tackled runs I once thought impossible and had a fantastic time. Whistler remains one of my favorite spots to ride, but I’m already eyeing new adventures. I’m eager to extend my riding season and perhaps venture into backcountry riding, maybe even try heli-skiing if I feel up to it.

I’m grateful to my friends who pushed me to try snowboarding last season, even though I still get teased for initially preferring snowshoeing. Thanks to their persuasion, I discovered a sport I love, and I’m looking forward to many more snowy adventures.



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