Packing for home and discovering your two suitcases that have traveled the world with you have developed quirks you can’t live with anymore are ready for the scrap heap. I’ve retired my large Samsonite and have traded it in for a North Face wheeled duffle. It’s not perfect and it’s not what I usually go for, I know it sounds as though I’m dating the thing, but my luggage have been with me for quite some time and it’s like anything else you own for many years, it’s comfortable and you know all the quirks and tricks to make it better. Tis time to move on and get a new suitcase :-).

“Looks like someone has a case of the Monday’s”

Coming back from a holiday is always hard, but when you have a task like I had this morning it’s even harder.  I came to the desert for a challenge and I’ve found it.  My good friend and colleague brought me here to help with the project at hand.  It seemed like a good challenge when I was offered the position.  Now the friend who got me here has resigned his position and gone home to deal with some very personal problems that have cropped up.  Given the situation he faces at home I can’t blame him for resigning the position.  It doesn’t make it any easier on this end though.  I was looking forward to working with him on this gig and now that he’s gone, I’m stuck.

Being who I am I want to do the best job I can, and I will succeed at this project if it kills me.   I like to think I’m good at what I do, but no matter how good I am it seems as though the deck is stacked against me on this one.

I will kick this events ass!

And the list goes on….

Being back in the sandbox has been interesting…  It’s only been three weeks and I already think I may have bitten off more than I can chew.  I have a green crew, with a few that have some good experience that will hopefully be able to help the others along.  There are other issues at hand in the wide world of work, but nothing I can really talk about, just that they have potential to blow up in my face.

With all the work stuff, I’m still happy to be back in the sandbox!  The weather isn’t as bad as I remember, it’s hot, but not unreasonable.  The apartment we’ve moved into is completely ridiculous, it’s massive with two floors and four bedrooms.  The kitchen is of a good size and the bedrooms are setup in a way that makes them pretty private.  They were nice enough to give me the "master" which really just means I have enough space to play squash, while still having enough space left over to have a batting cage.  The rent is on the high side, but it’s all inclusive so that makes life so much easier, and anything that makes my life easier in the sandbox is fine by me.

I’ve not taken the time to shoot a whole lot of photos since I got here, but the one’s I’ve taken are all on my Flickr account.  Pretty much will just keep updating the Doha 2011 set while I’m here!

Mass transit

Mass transit…
My experiments in mass transit have left me wondering why I’m doing it… It’s not to save the environment; it’s to save money. A car is a bottomless money pit of which you get no return on. All you do is throw your money down the tubes to own a piece of machinery that will eventually fail and you’ll have to start all over again with another. So here I am riding on public transit to save money and my sanity.

So far I’ve waited 3 hours for a bus that’s supposed to arrive every 20 minutes, saw guy whacked out on some form of drug playing with himself (mental note to never ride that bus ever again), it’s taken me 2 hours to go less than 2 miles and to cap it all off I’ve had to smell some of the less savory people of king county.

But I will persevere! I will win this self-imposed challenge of not owning a car while living in Seattle. I would like to make some recommendations on the mass transit of the area after my experiment…

What a ride

I’ve been low tech blogging, in other words using a journal and writing wherever I might feel like it instead of being tied to technology in some way.  So I thought I would take the time to transfer from the low-fi to the high-fi all while sitting in a bar in Vancouver while on a well deserved holiday weekend.

The people I’ve met in the last two years have been incredible, the new friends the new connections and the possibility of seeing them all again someday makes me happy.

I was thinking of the story “The Places You’ll Go” the other day and I had the sudden realization that I’ve flown around the world more than once, I went from looking towards settling down in the Northwest and working in theatre low those many years ago.  Now I’m looking at where I can go next, what will I do next, who will I meet and where will I meet them?

Never stop exploring might replace my personal motto, yes I know it’s a tag line from some outdoor gear company, but hey it’s a good motto to have.  In my life I’ve changed from a very region centric to a very global outlook.   I like the idea of traveling the world and experiencing new things, new places and just having fun while doing it.

I’ve been thinking about a bucket list of places I want to go before I die, not that I’m going to die tomorrow, but who knows what might happen.  So far the places that rank pretty high on the list are all of South America, Antarctica, more of Asia and all of Africa.  Someone asked me the other day if I had a million dollars what would I do with it?  My answer is simple, pay off the debt I have and the debt some other folks I know have, put my things in a pack and head out for the first place on the bucket list.  Life is too short to be taken seriously, you need adventure to make your life worth living.  I’m not saying traveling and living out of a backpack is what you should do, but you shouldn’t be 100% comfortable with your life, there should be something to keep you on your toes, after all isn’t the point of life to live?

The summer so far…

It’s been an interesting / boring summer so far.  I’ve spent a lot of time working on my folks place and helping my dad get ready for the open studio tour towards the end of September.  I got the chance to do a gig in Chicago with my friend RC and I’ve been spending lots of time with SD and NM.


So this is what it feels like?  I have no direction, no fulltime gig as of yet and frankly I’m starting to get antsy.  I feel like I need to be doing something with my time other than sitting in the gallery pounding away on the keyboard.  I know I should be ok with relaxing a bit, but I’ve never been really good at that so I’m just going to continue down the path of freelancing until something a little more substantial comes about.