mapmap2Yesterday was a great day.  Started out with an awesome ride in to the office. 

The ride isn’t the same as the ride I used to have in Seattle.  What used to be a 4.5k ride from my place in Seattle to my office is now a 9.8k ride from my home to my office in Vancouver.    It went from being pretty flat to being a hill climb, which is not to say I’m lazy or out of shape, but the first time I rode to work in Van, it almost killed me.  Double the length of the ride and add in a hill climb and there’s no need for coffee to get me started in the morning any more.

Ok so back to yesterday, the ride in was good, the weather here has been fantastic, high 80’s and clear for the last week.  After getting to the office I parked my bike, got onto a bus and headed for UBC and the Amazing Accessible Race (AAR) which is a series of challenges meant to expose an able bodied person to the trials of living with a disability. 

The highlight of the AAR was trying sledge hockey, which is essentially strapping an ice skate onto your butt and sliding around trying to play hockey.  All ten people on the team got the chance to try the sledge which was both good and bad.  My turn consisted of my trying to navigate the ice and the equipment as quickly as possible as the equipment reeked.

Once we got through with the AAR, we went back to the office long enough to eat some lunch then head to the play a little pitch and putt.  So in essence yesterday was a non-work day.  I swear I’m working really hard up here…







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